Why I'm Running #LookForwardBoulder

Boulder is in need of leadership that looks forward, not back, leadership that helps Boulder live up to its values of broad inclusiveness, innovative environmental stewardship, and strength and resiliency.


Boulder’s past successes are key to our thriving community: our open space program, the blue line, our downtown mall, NCAR, our creek paths, Chautauqua, and our culture of health and athleticism. With a forward looking vision, let’s build on those successes. Let’s live up to our values and make life better for our citizens of today and tomorrow.


I am running because I have a lifelong passion for: 

  • Maintaining a healthy environment, locally and globally.

  • Good governance and democratic processes that are open and fair.

  • Social justice and equity.


From these values, all decisions, policies and actions flow. We can’t govern by fear, moratoriums, and a desire to turn back the clock—we need to look forward and shape the future for the common good.


I will provide leadership that is:

  • Practical and driven by data.

  • Focused on positive outcomes.

  • Bold and compassionate. 

  • For the greatest good and serves those who have the least.


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