Where are you from? Asked by the Boulder NAACP

The one and only question given to candidates in advance of the NAACP / LWV Forum was "Where are you from?" Here is my reply:

I love this question. I love it because it made me answer the question for myself.

My answer is: I am from Boulder Colorado. I immigrated to Boulder, and now Boulder is where I am from.

When people ask that question, you hope they are asking because they want to have a little understanding of who you are. Of my 60 years on this earth three quarters of that time has been right here.

After visiting several times, I moved here in 1977 for the mountains, the outdoors, and as surprising as this may be, I loved the diversity of Boulder because Boulder was very diverse compared to the place where I was born, Overland Park, Kansas.

I eventually went to CU. While there, I decided I wanted to serve the community and one of the ways I did that was to serve as the student representative to the Citizens Committee for Housing and Community Development. I served on that committee with Brenda Lyle. I am happy to see Brenda here tonight and reconnect. I have served Boulder continuously since then, and I currently serve on the Transportation Advisory Board among other community groups.

In my 42 years here, I earned a degree, met my wife, raised a family, and built a small business. I now have 4 generations of family here ranging from grandchildren to elderly parents. I know the struggles and joys of being a family here in Boulder.

In serving my community and family, I have done so with three core values:

Stewardship of our environment

Democracy and good governance

Social justice and equity.

Now I would like to bring my experience and values to City Council. You can learn more about me and my positions by going to markforcouncil.com

I look forward to answering your questions tonight and I hope that I earn your vote..

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