Moms Demand Action - Open email Q&A

I am glad that Mom's Demand Action reached out to me to ask my thoughts regarding control. My reply is below and their original email is below that. I am appreciative of their efforts and results here in Boulder.


Boulder Moms Demand Action:

Thank you for the opportunity to address the scourge of gun violence that plagues American citizens. I will begin with this: the second amendment has been grossly misinterpreted. The words, “ A well regulated Militia,” seem to always be forgotten by the gun lobby and conservative judges. I am in favor of gun ownership in America being well regulated.

I favor:

Banning assault weapons just as we ban grenades, rocket launchers, etc... from private ownership.

Full and complete universal background checks prior to purchase.

Red Flag laws implemented at the federal level rather than state by state. However, I will take each state's win in this regard.

Limits on the type and amount of ammo one can buy. Why do we need cop killer bullets?

Strict, preferably federal, magazine capacity limits.

I support all three measures noted in your email.

My personal experience with gun violence is painful for my entire family. My older brother committed suicide by shooting himself in the head when he was 16 and I was 12. I found him in his room. While painful for me, it is a deep pain that carries on to this day for my parents.

I hope that this answers your questions. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me.

PS - I will be publishing your letter and my reply on my campaign website blog and on social media.


Boulder Moms Demand Action

September 17, 2019

Dear Mr. McIntyre,

We represent the Boulder chapter of Moms Demand Action, a grass-roots advocacy organization dedicated to ending gun violence. Our group is currently comprised of 115 active members. We would like to provide our members with information about your approach to gun violence prevention. Consequently, we are requesting a brief statement from you on this topic.

For our purposes, the statement may simply summarize your general attitude toward gun safety. Or if you prefer, you may address some of the specific issues that municipalities have recently taken up including:

  • the assault weapons ban passed by Boulder City Council in 2018;

  • the Council’s annual declaration of a National Gun Violence Awareness Day;

  • Longmont’s City Council’s recent resolution calling on “Colorado’s Governor, elected members of the State Legislature, and United States Congress to actively support common sense gun safety legislation.”

We would also be interested to know whether you have any personal experience with firearms or gun violence prevention. We plan to present whatever information we have received to our members at our next meeting on October 8th. We would be happy to receive an emailed response to

Thank you for considering our request,

Nicole Liabraaten

Group Lead

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