Campaign by Bike

I like to ride my bike. It gives me great joy and gets me where I want to go quickly and efficiently.

When I began considering running for council earlier this year, I started meeting with various community leaders to hear their thoughts about issues facing the city. After some number of meetings I realized that I had ridden my bike to every one of them and then I thought "let's not stop."

So I am committed to riding my bike to every campaign event or meeting from now until election night.

I am not up to the standards of some Boulderites who don't own cars and never drive. I still have to drive for work when I go to Denver or Ft. Collins for business so I am not innocent. None of us are. But I want to do what I can to minimize the amount of carbon I put into the atmosphere.

I also want to understand what other bike commuters are experiencing, where we need improvements to our paths, streets, and cycling infastructure.

#Bikeriding #Bikes #bikecommuting

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