Things We Love About Boulder Are Not About Cars.

As I read the Daily Camera Article about the Mall turning 40, it got me thinking about all of the things that we love about Boulder, things that are Boulder icons, and how none of them involve cars.

  • The Mall

  • Our Open Space and Mountain Parks

  • NCAR / UCAR Labs by I.M Pei

  • The Creek Paths

Of course there are many more than what I have listed but the really big ones not only don't involve cars they celebrate the lack of automobiles. They celebrate the walker, the cyclist, the stroller, the hiker.

The parking at NCAR is removed from the building, the mall closed four blocks of Pearl to auto traffic, all of OSMP is closed to motorized vehicles, and the creek paths are all about people getting around away from cars.

We need to keep our great successes and why they are great successes in mind, as the city continues to change and evolve.

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