City Open Space Purchase - Yes!

Here is an article in the Camera about the city's latest Open Space purchase. My position has been that the City's Open Space and Mountain Parks department needs to move away from acquisition and focus on maintenance and infrastructure. In this specific instance I support council's decision to acquire this property. Why?

Unlike many purchases in the last decade, this property has great recreational opportunities due to it's size and location near other OSMP properties. Of course recreation is not the only reason to acquire new properties but it must be an integral part of any future purchase. Far too many OSMP properties have no allowed visitor access or connection to other properties.

I do think that the proposed 18 month time frame for constructing a visitor plan must be adhered to. I also think that this could be a great property to try out some new ideas. Not new in other parts of the world but new to Boulder:

  • Let's think about bird blinds (sheltered viewing areas) in highly desirable (to birds and people) areas that we would not normally consider.

  • How about removing all fencing that is not absolutely essential.

  • How about mixing the equestrian and cycling communities input to create great trails that are interesting, fun, and shared with hikers. Especially trails that take you to beautiful view points and interesting geographic or historical features.

  • And let's be sure to keep the trail from running in straight lines right along fence rows.

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